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We consider an understanding of the functionality and features of TimeCentre to be of the utmost importance in maximizing your automation investment. We have developed a modular training curriculum designed to offer you personalized, focused access to the services and information you need to become proficient with TimeCentre. These classes are accelerated and designed to meet the specific needs of your company.


Train-the-trainer is an approach used by larger organizations and those that are planning for long-term additional training. The train-the-trainer approach provides TimeCentre as a resource to train a group of individuals within the organization to receive training on the material along with scripts to follow in order to perform training at a later date for end users.

End User Training

End user training is an approach used by smaller organizations and those that require end users to use the system in the immediate future. The training end users approach provides TimeCentre as a resource to train 10 individuals in a classroom setting or perform webinar sessions, on less complicated topics, so that immediate use of the system is possible. If more than 10 people are to be trained at once, additional resources may be necessary.

  • We offer Remote Training, which we recommend for smaller organizations with minimal requirements where we orchestrate your implementation via conference calls and Internet communications.
  • We also offer On Site Training, which we suggest for larger organizations with additional hardware requirements or smaller organizations without full-time IT staff where we support your implementation on-site.

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