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Our approach to implementing a timecentre time and attendance system is carefully planned. In order to properly implement your system, we take the time to understand your current business needs and determine how to integrate our system with your business methods. To accomplish this, we have developed a structured “customer evaluation” to ensure our application meets your needs. This evaluation draws on the many resources of timecentre, from advanced technology solutions to implementation and expansion across your business operation. Our focus is always on providing the right solution, regardless of your size or business.

Our customer evaluation is designed to:

  • Create an accurate and detailed assessment of your needs, based on your stated objectives and develop a partnership with management and key personnel.
  • Ensure you acquire the appropriate mix of products, services, and technologies to reach your goals for today, as well as the future.
  • Implement solutions in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.
  • Provide project management guidance and services during implementation.
  • Help you choose the appropriate level of service and support to ensure your continued satisfaction.

Our standard implementation timelines are 6-8 weeks depending on the size of the client. Our implementation model utilizes a project manager as the director of the project with implementation specialists who perform the technical installation and configuration.

There is Pre Installation Work, Site Preparation, Installation, and Training that is dependent on scheduling, which TimeCentre will coordinate with you. Once Installation and Training is completed, we will work so that your solution is fully implemented and functional.

We offer Remote Implementation, which we recommend for smaller organizations with minimal requirements where we orchestrate your implementation via conference calls and Internet communications.

We also offer On Site Implementation, which we suggest for larger organizations with additional hardware requirements or smaller organizations without full-time IT staff where we support your implementation on-site.

For more information, contact a sales representative at 1.855.861.4379