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Biometrics are playing a much larger role in timekeeping and access control, as it becomes more important to positively identify work access to a facility or PC. The software measures minute ridge formations and patterns on one’s finger tips. The patterns are then changed to number through algorithm. This ensures no fingerprint’s visual image is taken.

TimeCentre’s Hand Punch clocks use Schlage’s proven biometric technology to capture a three-dimensional image of the employee’s hand each time he or she clocks in. The hand geometry (size and shape) are used to verify their identity. No ­fingerprints or palm prints are utilized. The range of the Handpunch systems lets you choose just the right size for your business, whether that means 25 users or over 30,000. The TimeCentre Handpunch terminals are built to communicate over Ethernet, delivering data instantly to TimeCentre’s online software. This complete solution signi­ficantly reduces back-office processing time, for even greater savings.

Time cards and employee badges are optional. To Clock in on the biometric time clock, the employee’s hand becomes their time card. To setup a Handpunch, simply assign an ID number to each employee and enroll the employees at the unit which creates an algorithm based on three placements of the employee’s hand. Every punch is then veri­fied with this record, ensuring the identity of the employee clocking in through the fingerprint time attendance access control system.

  • Removes need for Cards or Badges
  • No Fingerprint data is stored maintaining employee privacy
  • Fast to clock-in
  • Widely used and accepted: over 650,000 readers installed worldwide.
  • Eliminates buddy punching
  • Works in dusty and dirty environments
  • Increases Security
  • Reduces time wasted by payroll and supervisors checking and editing inaccurate data

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