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eTime Clock

eTimeClock is TimeCentre’s web time clock that has been in production for more than 3 years and used by hundreds of companies.

Access your time and attendance information from any computer with internet access! Employees visit a website and clock-in via a web time clock. You can also give them access to view hours worked and to submit time off requests electronically.

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  • Simple in and out
  • Works in any environment
  • Fast to clock-in
  • Economical cost
  • Use barcode or magnetic stripe cards
  • May even be able to use your existing cards

With this system, incoming employee information is validated for accuracy, labor costs are calculated and distributed and accurate payroll data can be provided to payroll and HR programs. eTimeClock is deployed rapidly from a central server to users everywhere. Employees simply point their browser to TimeCentre, enter a unique ID and record information on their work activities.

Once employees clock in, this information can immediately be accessed by a supervisor for front line management, payroll, and labor distribution analysis. eTimeClock users can log on to retrieve time sheets, schedules, paid time off balances, and more.


  • Profile Driven: Administrators assign a eTimeClock profile to each employee and enable buttons for their profile in the company. Unlimited profiles can be created for different employee groups.
  • Job Tracking: Optionally track four levels of jobs or project codes, count, tips, inventory, lunch breaks, and/or transfers. Default values can be automatically applied to all entries from a profile, or employees can choose codes from drop down menus.
  • Validation: Multi-level validation ensures accurate data entry. Punch location tracking by IP address is available to verify login location.
  • Flexibility: Launch flexibility with browser for clerical, call centers, production workers, etc.
  • Benefit Accruals: Accrue and track vacation time, sick time, personal time, and other paid time off.
  • Self Service: Employees with the Self Service profiles activated can log on to check and approve their work hours, check schedule and attendance records, benefit accruals, and time off requests, without the assistance of payroll or HR staff.