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A growing number of companies combine vacation and sick time into one bucket called paid time off, or PTO.

Staffers decide whether they’re going to use the days for vacation, when they or a relative is ill, or for family events.Forty-three percent of companies offered PTO in 2016, up from 28 percent in 2002, according to a report from World at Work, an association of human resources professionals. The report said 51 percent of private companies, which would include small and mid-size businesses, offered PTO last year. The report was based on a survey of the organization’s members.

One of the biggest pluses about PTO for small business owners is eliminating the administrative chore of tracking how many sick days versus vacation days their employees have used. That can be particularly helpful in the growing number of states, counties and cities where employers are required to allow staffers to accrue sick time, usually up to 40 hours a year depending on how many hours they work. With PTO, there’s no need to track hours worked or accrued.

Timecentre8.0 PTO Tracking Software, is straightforward and in-depth.

With unlimited PTO, companies should still have policies that spell out when time off can be taken, how many people can be off at any time and the factors to decide who gets priority when there are multiple requests for the same days. Bosses can declare no-time-off periods for busy seasons, or if there’s a project that needs to be finished.Timecentre8.0 PTO Tracking Software, is straightforward and in-depth. The tracking is deeper than many programs in the market, allowing managers to track specific types of Paid Time Off, and to observe what projects a team member is working on at a certain time.

Features of this product

  • Electronically receive and approve leave requests
  • Get an instant overview of all employee time off
  • Allow employees to see their balance and history in real-time
  • Customize and consistently apply company leave policies
  • Save time and money with automated PTO management

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