On Site Implementation And Remote Implementation

Instead of putting yourself through more stress and complicating your accounting,
Timecentre 8.0 Implementation Specialists will install a new time tracking system.

1. We will talk to employees and the HR department to determine what features THEY want out of a time tracking system.

We may find certain features are appropriate to your specific business requirements. For example, field employees may benefit from mobile apps or text to clock in features.Your accounting department may be in need of better automation and synchronization with current systems, such as QuickBooks integrations or expense tracking alignment. We make sure to get everyone to weigh in so you do not overlook features you may need.

2. We will give you an estimation of how long it will take to implement the time tracking system, and whether you need to disable your existing system while we install the new system. We will avoid as much disruption to the day to day business operation as possible, especially when it comes to essential systems such as tracking the time of your employees so you pay them properly. We will keep several copies of your older system time records so accounting stays accurate throughout the process.

3. We will spend as much time as possible testing the new system before we take it live.

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