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Timecentre Hosted Solution

Timecentre Hosted Solution

TimeCentre was the first company to offer time and attendance in a Software As Service (SaaS) model. Hosted solution is a full featured version of our TimeCentre Enterprise product except, rather than having to invest in technology infrastructure, you can use ours over the internet.

Businesses have become increasingly more competitive by outsourcing functions they consider non-strategic to their core business. By outsourcing their Time and Attendance, Job and Labor Tracking requirements, companies can focus their energy and resources on their core business without the problems and expense of maintaining a network infrastructure and the requisite IT personnel.

TimeCentre’s Hosted Services provide the same features and functionality found in TimeCentre’s Enterprise Suite, but instead of keeping records locally on your hard drive or network, the Application and your Data are stored on TimeCentre Servers. This eliminates the need for initial expensive software/hardware purchases along with ongoing maintenance and support expenses. TimeCentre’s SaaS solution is designed to be innovative, intuitive, and simple for non-technical users without losing the application’s powerful functionality.

In addition to complete access to the feature-rich functionality of TimeCentre’s Enterprise Suite, the SaaS solution provides:

  • Pay-as-you-go for the services you need: Monthly charges only include the employees that are currently using the application;
  • Reduced startup costs: You no longer need to be concerned about RAM , disk space, or CPU speed;
  • Access to your data 24/7/365 from any Internet connection without application software required on the computer;
  • Minimized risk of data loss due to theft or system failure on site;
  • Global application updates, streamlined internal service levels, and systems integration without labor-intensive and expensive IT support;
  • Increased performance: TimeCentre runs the application on powerful server farms, which allow for faster, more efficient computing;
  • Platform independence: Operating system incompatibilities no longer are an issue; and
  • Uninterrupted service: TimeCentre Host Services provide full system redundancy to ensure you will receive uninterrupted service.

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