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Timecentre Enterprise Solution

Timecentre Enterprise Solution

Payroll is by far a company’s greatest expense, but most don’t manage those costs as closely as their office supplies. TimeCentre’s time attendance and workforce management solutions eliminate errors and reduces payroll processing time by as much as 94%. Any automated solution will increase accuracy and eliminate manual entry, but there are additional benefits when you choose software with flexible features that can be adjusted to suit your changing needs. You also want to be sure that you’re not trading in present payroll headaches for a whole new set of frustrations in trying to get your software to work.

Flexibility and Ease of Use
TimeCentre’s enterprise time and attendance solution ties into your present system and imports existing employee information, making implementation quick and easy. Our “Two Clicks to Anywhere”™ design allows for easy navigation, and you can adapt the software to reflect your current terminology and specific processes. Pay rules are applied when an employee clocks in, eliminating confusion and mistakes.

  • Parameter-based configuration
  • Breakdown of regular, OT, and DT hours to the Supervisor Signoff employee list as well as to the totals on the edit time page.
  • Made all modules employee-centric: The employee ID never changes, therefore card ID changes do not require a call to TimeCentre support, nor do they require special effort at enterprise sites.
  • Ability to perform mass schedule updates: Customers can now delete all schedules for all assigned employees for any given day.
  • Give employees the ability to request PTO from both eTimeClock and the application menu: Supervisors approve or deny requests, and the results post back to employee visible pages.
  • Extended and enhanced export capabilities within the application: All table data can now export from within the application to excel.
  • Capability for individuals to have multiple roles.
  • Popup alerts warning that session has expired: Customer is directed back to the login page.
  • Ability for enterprise customers to create additional databases from the User Interface.
  • Incorporated and enhanced labor management functions: The level hierarchies are an integral feature of employee setup, edit pages, exception pages, and eTimeClock.
  • Quick report displaying the time sheet page in print format.

Your Cost Savings Don’t End with Error and Time Reduction
The Enterprise Solution comes with a library of standard reports that allow managers to control overtime, schedule variances, and accurately project costs. Plus, you can add our custom report writer and easily create your own reports. In addition, our solution is scalable so we can grow with you! Unlike the majority of our competitors, we can accommodate thousands of historical records at no additional cost to you. This information is extremely valuable should you ever be audited or if you’re forecasting seasonal staffing needs.

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